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Who We Are

Raw Engineering’s digital solutions and services have been trusted for more than 11 years by the world’s Most Innovative Startups, leading Fortune 500 companies, Sports & Events companies and Governments to provide a new generation of Real-Time, Engaging Experiences and Network DevOps.

From Vision To Reality

Raw Engineering’s experienced Strategic Consultants, Solutions Architects, Designers, and Developers turn your Business Vision into Digital Reality, delivering on-time and within budget.

Strategic Solution Architecture

Raw Engineering works with its clients to understand their complex business goals and create amazing User Experiences on top of best-in-class Architectures. Our Solution Architects design integrated, API-based systems that are flexible and cost-effective.

We are constantly researching and vetting new technologies to ensure that our solutions are the most up-to-date and best-suited for our customer's needs.

Mobile Development

We have over a million hours of experience building mobile apps that scale to millions of users. If you’re looking for a team that delivers enterprise quality and functionality at startup speed across all the most popular mobile platforms, we have you covered.

Web Development

Implementing and managing complex enterprise web properties is our forte. Whether you are launching a series of microsites, upgrading your digital presence or overhauling your entire web infrastructure, we can help.


We manage IT for large global enterprises, and we are doing it extremely well! Our attention to detail, dedication and responsive 24x7 support help us deliver unparalleled service. Our DevOps engineers have years of experience and faced the toughest problems.

Solution Spotlight

Digital Fan Experience Platform

Give your fans the best digital experience with Raw Engineering’s sports team app.

  • Improve in-venue experiences: Track and reward your fans in the arena, and collect and analyze data on the business side.
  • Engage off the field: Keep your fans connected, excited and engaged even if it’s not a game day through your app
  • Perform live testing: Test or swap out microservices or features easily in minutes with lightweight, drag and drop technology
  • Add bespoke experiences: Incorporate stunning new technology like AI, VR, bots, in-seat ordering, or wayfinding on the fly.
  • Become agile: Enterprise-grade impact with a startup mindset: build in agility and infuse your team with an agile methodology.
  • Avoid technical debt: Connect legacy systems while building in the cloud. Preserve your previous investments while looking ahead to new technology

Great Clients, Great Customer Service

Our clients are Demanding, Challenging, and Inspiring and that’s why we love working with them!

"There’s a lot of vendors out there, and not every partnership goes as planned, but this is one the amazing end of the spectrum. I have a reputation to want the best, and they deliver day in, and day out. I can’t recommend them enough. They are what I want every partner to be."

Matthew Jafarian, Vice President, Miami HEAT and AmericanAirlines Arena

“I’ve worked with Raw Engineering for many years. And, when I started working for Elastic, I knew for sure that that was the team I wanted to work with - in terms of starting a brand new CMS, revamping the entire website, an all new brand, and all in time for our first user conference. They are dependable, reliable, and great communicators. They respect their jobs, do amazing work, and I can count on them any time of the day. They help me out when I forget things, and offer suggestions and how to do things much better. That's why I enjoy working with them to this day.”

SYLVIE SHIMIZU, Webmaster, Elastic

Raw Engineering’s digital fan experience platform provides us with a nimble and robust technology foundation that allows us to test and iterate innovations with fans on demand, try new services and incorporate them directly into the mobile app. As the technology evolves, we'll be able to provide the best experience to our fans for years to come.

Ryan Montoya, CTO, Sacramento Kings

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