Digital Transformation on a Deadline

Elastic needed to replace its CMS and redesign its website in three months or less.

A New Tech Stack, a New Brand, a New Design, and Not a Lot of Time.

As soon as Sylvie Shimizu started her new role as Webmaster at Elastic, she knew Elastic’s Web Stack needed an overhaul and that she needed a new partner. The existing platform was clumsy, slow and had a tendency to crash. There was no functional staging area and the production site ran on a completely different system. Furthermore, Elastic’s existing agency was slow to make necessary changes and their developers weren’t experienced enough to make the process run smoothly. Elastic had to wait anywhere from a few days to several weeks for changes, and were often told the features and integrations they wanted were impossible

To add fuel to the fire, she was on a tight deadline to replace the Tech Stack, including the CMS, introduce a new brand and deliver a redesign that combined multiple website before Elastic’s first user conference in three months.

Having worked with Raw Engineering previously, Sylvie new there was only one choice for a Technical Partner...Raw Engineering.

Our Approach

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A Consultative Approach

Raw Engineering stepped up quickly to help Sylvie identify and address the pain points in Elastic’s current platform. We partnered with Sylvie to architect and implement a new nimble Tech Stack with a microservices-first approach, while concurrently developing the new website brand and design.

  • Architected a Microservices-first Technical Stack
  • Contentstack CMS Implementation and Management
  • Web/CMS Development
  • DevOps & Cloud Management
  • QA Automations & Testing
  • Ongoing Technical Maintenance & Support

The Solution

Contentstack Implementation

We analyzed how Elastic planned to use Contentstack - who would be editing content, how workflows would be approached, how content would be approved, etc. We also looked at Elastic’ content approach and environment requirements (dev, staging, production). Once we analyzed this data, we created the Content Architecture, Platform Architecture, Set up the User Management workflows, and set up Elastic’s AWS environment.

Composite Image of Contentstack CMS screens

React.js Development

Elastic wanted to develop its website using a framework that was fast, scalable, and simple. That is why we chose ReactJS. It enabled our experienced engineers to develop a more stable site more quickly efficiently.

Composite Image of Elastic website and underlying code

Exceptional Service & Project Management

We used, and continue to use, Agile Ceremonies (Scrum / Kanban) including grooming meetings and daily standups. We track progress using a JIRA and resourcing via Harvest. We also conduct weekly, general Account Management meetings and remain in constant contact with the Elastic project team via slack and email. Additionally, we provide Elastic a clear escalation path should the need ever arise.

Composite Image of Elastic Project Management Portal Screens

Months to Replace Web Stack & Implement Redesign

Automated Deployment & Uptime

Automated Content Deliveries per Month


"Our company had a very aggressive timeline to both redesign and migrate our website. With Raw Engineering, we were able to make those changes in no time."

Image of Sylvie Shimizu, Webmaster, Elastic
Sylvie Shimizu

Webmaster, Elastic Inc.