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DevOps, CloudOps & Site Reliability Engineering

The Cloud is in our DNA

Our company was founded to help clients move infrastructure to the Cloud and to maintain their infrastructure in the Cloud. We became an AWS partner in 2007, and have expanded our services to include MS Azure, Google Cloud, CI/CD, etc.

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Site Reliability Engineering

Our highly experienced SRE team of Architects, Developers and DevOps engineers work 24x7 to ensure up to 99.9% uptime for your SaaS product.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Service Optimization

Cloud Automation

How we work

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CI/CD & Deployment

Raw Engineering DevOps Engineers build CI/CD pipelines and architect cloud environments to meet our customer’s unique requirements

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Cloud Provisioning & Migration

Raw Engineering will execute and implement your Cloud Strategy; provision your required cloud environments and migrate any existing infrastructure and data.

Cloud Monitoring & NOC Services

Cloud Monitoring & NOC Services

We offer 5x24 and 7x24 geo-distributed, Level 1 and Level 2 Cloud Monitoring and NOC team support to help ensure that your company’s network remains secure and robust with 99.9% uptime.

Cloud Audit Services

Cloud Audit Services

We audit your current infrastructure setup and provide an actionable optimization plan that can be implemented by our team or your in-house team.

Raw Engineering Facts

Founded in 2007
Hours of Development Time


We continually evaluate, re-evaluate and train on the latest technologies. Our Solutions Architects will recommend the most appropriate Tech Stack based on your business needs. Some of the technologies that we work with include:

Google Cloud